At Tip Top Wendy’s we pride ourselves in building the best quality wendy houses, that is why we only use natural dried wood. Oven dried wood tends to dry to quickly which have a negative effect on the life span of wendy houses. We have built several wendy houses on our site and researched the effect of the elements on these houses. We are therefore in a very good position to show you the different types of wendy’s compared with ours.

Click the relevant option below to view the size chart, window and veranda options for each:

  • Security Guardhouse
  • Dollhouse
  • Wendy Houses
  • Wooden Houses
  • Toolsheds
  • Closing of Lapas


Security Guardhouse

You have the option of a wide variety (verandas, type of doors and sizes) etc. to choose from or we can custom make your guard house to your specific requirements.

Our standard option 1.5×1.5 and 1.8×1.8 depends on how may guards


A Birthday or Christmas present for a little girl or boy to play in. Dollhouses come in various sizes, and can be fitted with veranda’s, isolation and any nice colours. Our doll houses are designed with safety in mind. Due to our commitment to Wooden Doll’s Houses quality and wood preparation there is no wood splinters etc that can hurt children. The fact that we use threaded screws make sure that the doll houses is solid structures and safe for children. The fact that the Wendy’s are cool inside due to the design enable children to have hours of playtime in a cool dollhouse.

Wendy Houses

We build any design of  your choice. Our houses are painted with waterproof paint, and can  be use to accommodate someone. It’s also perfect to use as a home office.

Wooden Houses

Quality Houses from 1 bed to 3 bedrooms and on stilts  and can be on the ground also.

Perfect to use for holiday house at the sea, farms, game lodges  and nature reserves.


A tool shed should be well designed with a solid structure without cracking within the first year or two. Well our tool shed provides that and more.

Weatherproof and can store anything inside.

We can also build with flat roof that can fit nicely in-between walls.

Closing of Lapas

Cold days are no longer a problem after closing where the cold wind is coming in. So let us inspect your lapa and give you the best solution to your problem. Call us today…